ANTON ist die neue Lern-App für die Schule. Deutsch und Mathematik Übungen, kostenlos und ohne Werbung für fremde Produkte. Lerne online oder mit der iOS-App oder Android-App alle Inhalte des 1. Klasse - 10. Klasse Lehrplans.

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Many ant species exhibit polygyny, which can arise through founding queens remaining together, later adoption of new queens, or fusion of colonies. The number of queens is a critical feature of a colony, among other things influencing conflicts between queens and workers over the proportion of investment in new queens and males. "The typical ant is a walking battery of exocrine glands", with ...

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Out of the mouths of babes come things parents never should have said.

A cheerful friend is like a sunny day.

Marriage is made in heaven--so is thunder and lightning.